VR Game

Monsters (2016)

K.Mee Kim, Emily Chen

Material - Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear


-     Story (Intro)     -


It was a dark, rainy night, and I was walking down a rather scary looking street in the heart of new york city. It was hard to see anything because of the weather and late hour. But luckily  there were dim streetlights, so I managed to find my way. In the distance, I heard faint sounds of sirens, cars, and city nightlife. My mind started to wander. Suddenly, there was a bright blue light. At first, I thought that someone had shined a flashlight at me. But upon further inspection, I realized that one of the alleyways had a massive light source. What could possibly be this bright? I wondered. As I walked to get a closer look, things looked weirder. The light seemed to be a floating amorphous shape, unattached to anything. A strange buzzing noise radiated from it. It felt like something out of a sci fi alien movie. Knowing I would probably regret this later, I reached out my hand to touch it. Abruptly, I was dragged into the light source.


I found myself in a bizarre wooden room. It was fairly spacious, and looked like the inside of a tree. It was beautiful. A few seconds after I arrived, another bright light appeared, this time it was red. Hoping that it would somehow take me out of this strange place and back home, I reached out to grab it. Immediately after I did, everything started to shake and suddenly, its movement became malicious. Out of nowhere it started to attack me.. As I ducked for cover, a saw a figure quickly jump in front of me, blocking the large monster with what seemed to be a shield. “What did you do?” it asked. “Don’t tell me that you disturbed the resting light?” I nodded sheepishly. “Oh god, at least tell me you have something good to fight with?”. The defender saw the look on my face and rolled his eyes. “Looks like I’ll be doing all the work then.” 


-      Character Design     -

-      Video Recording for Animation     -



Front View




Side View

K.mee Kim